OSHA & CPR Overview


We have a bundled package for you that includes OSHA Training and CPR overview.

CPR Overview – This course presents an overview of responding to a cardiac, respiratory emergency with CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) until emergency responders arrive on the scene. You’ll learn how Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures applied quickly can temporarily stabilize an unconscious victim’s vitals until an AED is brought to the scene. CPR procedures are explained clearly. Your workplace should have an AED available for emergencies. We’ll discuss how they work and how they are used. Students should note that this course doesn’t qualify for first aid or CPR certification. You will need to look into certification courses separately.


Product Description

OSHA Training Course – Each practice is required by law to provide a safe workplace for their employees. TMC’s OSHA training program prepare employers and workers to understand and implement the measures required by law to ensure a safe workplace. Training includes a detailed review of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard which outlines measures to reduce the risk of worker exposure to potentially contaminated blood or body fluids. The Hazard Communication training addresses the GHS labeling requirements, identification of applicable pictograms, and the location of pertinent sections of Safety Data Sheets. Incorporated into the program are safety topics such as fire prevention, hand-washing, and respiratory hygiene. This OSHA course is approximately 45 minutes.

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