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Manage Employee Training with xpressLMS from Total Medical Compliance

Do you get overwhelmed tracking the training requirements for your employees? Who needs to take what, when, and how often? How can employees be encouraged to stay in compliance? Our xpressLMS can help! It is a tool to manage employee training in a simple, efficient manner. It allows you to configure a customized training plan for your employees. It is all the training information you need right at your fingertips!

What is xpressLMS?

It is a learning management system application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs. It is a quick and easy way for your employees to complete their compliance training online and to record and track their scores and status. This program can be used as a standalone program or combined with one of our eCompliance programs. Additionally, it allows for the integration for live instructor training in order to keep all of your training records in one place.

Why add xpressLMS to your eCompliance program?

As you know, our eCompliance packages provide you with online training, as well as OSHA or HIPAA compliance manuals, customer support, live webinar training, eForms, and client portal access, depending on your service package. Adding xpressLMS will further benefit your practice:

  • Users can be added at any time
  • Managerial Reporting – give managers access to reporting that is restricted to managed learners
  • Easily manage compliance training for your staff
  • Greater User Control of the material – users will be able to pause their lessons and restart where they left off

Mix and Match Modules to Meet Your Needs

OSHA Online Training Module only             $10/per user

HIPAA Online Training Module only            $10/per user

OSHA & HIPAA Online Training Modules Package $12/per user

Human Resource Compliance courses may be added for $5 per user per year. Click on each course to read more:

human resource compliance online trainingImplicit Bias
Diversity Training
Sexual Harassment Training
Workplace Violence
Conflict Resolution


Add all 5 for only $20 per user per year!

Additional xpressLMS Benefits

  • Flexible Content Assignment – choose exactly who has access to specific content, whether by learner, group, or everyone
  • Web Based – no software or plug-ins required
  • Instructor-Led Tracking – keep all learning records in one system, whether the training is on-line or live. Includes the ability to schedule classes, register learners, print class rolls, and track   attendance
  • Detailed Student Transcripts – provide student transcripts with comprehensive learning history
  • System Notifications – automatically notify learners when new content is available
  • SCORM-Compliant format – Any non-TMC training material that meets this industry standard can be added to your training library for your employees


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