FAQ’s for TMC’s New Online Training

Total Medical Compliance has upgraded our online training portal. With this change comes questions about the functionality of the system and how it all works. We have created a frequently asked question and answer page that will help you navigate through some of those questions.

I can’t log in?

  1. Make sure your email is correct
  2. Make sure you are not grabbing an extra space if you are copying and pasting
  3. Make sure in the password you are using zero and not an “o”
  4. Make sure you are using the correct link to login:  https://training.totalmedicalcompliance.com

I didn’t get my email?

  1. Check your junk mail
  2. Have your admin resend your Welcome Email
  3. Contact support and let them know you did not receive your email: support@totalmedicalcompliance.com

I can’t get my certificate, it won’t let me print it, etc.?

  1. Learner page>Click “Completed”
  2. You can toggle between the “To-Do” and Completed” pages
  3. There is also a tutorial video to show you how to use the system. Click the green button “Take a Tour” to the left of your screen

Why does my course still show “in process”?

  1. Give it a few minutes to show “processed.”
  2. If it has been some time, contact support with your name, email, course, and your score and ask support to manually enter it in their account. Their email is support@totalmedicalcompliance.com

I don’t see my licenses I purchased?

  1. Manage>Courses>Person Icon>license drop-down menu. The extra license (s) will be there.
  2. Did you use the exact same company name when purchasing your licenses (if you purchased from our online store)?
  3. Contact support at support@totalmedicalcompliance.com and tell them, “I should have xx number of licenses under xxx company.” If there are two companies with almost the same name, most likely they need to be combined.

Can you resend my employees Welcome Email?

  1. Have your employees check their junk mail
  2. As an admin, you can do this by clicking Manage>Resend Welcome Email>Check the box next to their name>Click Send
  3. If you do not want to go through those steps or are not the admin, contact support and they will do it for you. support@totalmedicalcompliance.com 

How to run reports, assign courses, add users?

  1. Watch the tutorial video. It is the green button to the left of your screen “Take a Tour”.
  2. Still need help, contact support at support@totalmedicalcompliance.com

I don’t have an email for each employee?

  1. You must have an email as this is each employee’s unique user ID for security reasons and to track their progress.
  2. It can be a work or personal email.
  3. This is also how we can keep their Proof of Completion document in their account.
  4. As the admin, you can add/edit users. That means you will know what their username and password are because you created it in the system. You can add users anytime and track their progress.

I can’t see my courses? 

  1. They need to be assigned to the user. As the admin, Click Manage>Users>computer icon next to the person you want to assign the courses>highlight courses>click forward arrow button>Choose Expiry Date>Click Save. Watch the tutorial video for admin functions of how to assign courses. It is the green button to the left of your screen “Take a Tour”.
  2. Or you can contact support and have them assign the courses at support@totalmedicalcompliance.com. Give them the name of your company, user name, and their email. 

I don’t see the courses to assign to my employees? 

  1. Contact support and ask to have your courses assigned to your account so you (the admin) can assign them to your employees. Provide support with your company name, your name, and the courses that should be assigned. support@totalmedicalcompliance.com

Still do not see what you are looking for?  Please contact us at support@totalmedicalcompliance.com.