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TMC Advisors

  • February Advisor 2018 – Flu: One More Time, Clutter Can Cost You, and Officer Webinars.
  • January Advisor 2018 – Who Should Be Your OSHA and HIPAA Officer?, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Nice to Have or Required?, Compressed Gases:  Safe Storage and Handling, and Human Resource Compliance Modules Now Available.
  • December Advisor 2017 – Mobile Devices and Protected Health Information, Managing Your Practice’s Electronic OSHA & HIPAA Manuals, Improved HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Guidance, and Preparing for the Seasonal Flu at Work.
  • November Advisor 2017 – HIPAA and Law Enforcement, The Emergency Preparedness Act & Active Shooter Protocol,  and Four Critical Steps in Instrument Processing.
  • October Advisor 2017 – Cover Your Cough: Stop the Spread of Germs, Online Training Learning Management Style, and  The Lonely Eyewash Station.
  • September Advisor 2017 – Patient’s Rights to Access Medical Records Demystified, Infection Control and Prevention: Three Things to Know,  OSHA:  When to Train and Retrain
  • August Advisor 2017 – Measles and Mumps:  What You Need to Know, Mercury Disposal Guideline Updates, Everything Old is New Again:  New OSHA Reporting Laws Repealed
    Substance Abuse Records.
  • July Advisor 2017 – HIPAA Phase II On-site Audits Imminent!, In-Office Laundry Management, and Stop! And think Safety.
  • June Advisor 2017 – Keeping it Real – Sterile, Paper Records Storage the Right Way, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures in Healthcare.
  • May Advisor 2017 – HIPAA Breach Notification, Infection Control – No More Bugs, and OSHA and Electricity.
  • April Advisor 2017 – Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 5:  Your Right to Contest OSHA’s Citations and Fines, Emergency Action Plan (EAP):  Evacuation Maps:  To Map or Not to Map?
    and Investigating a Potential Breach
  • March Advisor 2017Monitoring Internal Access Can Save You Huge Fines, Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 4:  After The Inspection, and Engineered Safety.
  • February Advisor 2017Information Security and Vendors, Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 3:  The Actual Inspection, The Importance of Safe Injection Practices, and Breach Reporting Reminder
  • OCR Begins Random Audits for Business Associates October 2016 – Providing an explanation of the audits and action items you can do to prepare.