TMC North Carolina Dental Radiation Safety Manual

January 4, 2021 / TMC Offerrings

The Importance of Dental Radiation Compliance

One of the most useful diagnostic tools available to dentists, dental radiographs allows dentists to evaluate oral health and identify problems like cavities, impacted teeth, cysts and more.  These are noninvasive for patients and can be taken quickly with minimal exposure. In fact, the average radiograph produces as much radiation as a few minutes on a plane or sunny beach.

Because there are exposure risks when radiographs are taken, strict compliance measures and safety practices must be followed.  These specific requirements must be upheld according to federal and state regulations, and a comprehensive dental radiation compliance manual is the best way to remain compliant.

The TMC North Carolina 2020 Dental Radiation Safety Manual was written specifically for dental healthcare providers in North Carolina. It covers all rules and regulations regarding safe radiographs including North Carolina specific regulations covering 3D imaging and Nomad use. The compliance manual serves as a guide to help ensure the best possible care for patients as well as reducing radiation exposure for both your staff and patients.

The 2020 Dental Radiation Safety Manual Contains:

  • Practices and Policies: The North Carolina Radiation Protection Agency requires dental healthcare providers to create written radiation safety plans for those who take dental X-Rays.
  • Quality Control (QC) Program Information: Recommendations from industry and dental equipment manufacturers on the appropriate quality control procedures for your practice.
  • State Regulations and References: State regulations and other important forms will be provided.
  • Operating Forms: Required forms are provided to assist with daily operations.
  • Radiation Program Management Guidance: Available resources from government agencies and industry associations such as CDC guidelines for Infection Control, recycling information, lead disposal and other guidelines.
  • Equipment Inventory and Document Retention: All equipment will be checked by inspectors to ensure that it has been registered with the agency and that they have access to all required documents on visits to your office.

The 2020 North Carolina Dental Radiation Safety Manual is critical for maintaining compliance and safety in your practice and is now available for $350 for TMC clients and $450 for non-TMC clients.

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