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January 12-14, 2015 - OSAP - Karen Gregory presents OSHA Infection Control Boot Camp

January 23, 2015 - NC AHEC – Karen Gregory presents Dental OSHA Update, Wilmington, NC

January 24, 2015NY Podiatric Clinical Conference - Karen Gregory presents OSHA and HIPAA Update

January 30, 2015 - NC AHEC – Karen Gregory presents Dental Infection Control Training (SPICE), Fayetteville, NC

January 31, 2015 - NC Foot & Ankle – Karen Gregory presents OSHA & HIPAA Training, Greensboro, NC

February 6-8, 2015NC Academy of Dentistry -  Bill & Teresa Fivek, attendees, Umstead Hotel & Spa, Cary, NC

February 6, 2015Southeastern AHEC – Karen Gregory presents Dental OSHA

February 20–23, 20152015 NCDS FIfth District Mid-Winter Meeting - Karen Gregory presents SPICE and OSHA Update, Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, NC

March 15-17, 2015Virginia MGMA Spring Meeting - Booth #11, Bill Fivek, attendee, Charlottesville, VA

March 28, 2015NC First District Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting - Karen Gregory will present HIPAA Compliance, Asheville, NC

April 8-10, 2015Tennessee MGMA Annual Trade Show - Booth #402, Pam Wilson, attendee, Chattanooga, TN

April 21, 2015Charlotte AHEC - Karen Gregory presents “After HIPAA Omnibus: Strategies for Compliance Success”

April 26-28, 2015Georgia MGMA Annual Meeting - Sandi Addis and Pam Wilson, attendees, Asheville, NC

April 30 – May 1, 2015California Dental Association – Karen Gregory presents an Infection Control Review

May 11-13, 2015NCFDA Educational Conference & Exposition - Sandi Addis, attendee, Raleigh Civic Center (Exhibits), Raleigh, NC 

May 13-15, 2015NC MGMA Spring Conference -  Susan Little and Pam Wilson, attendee, Myrtle Beach, SC

May 14-15, 2015NCDS Annual Session - Karen Gregory presents SPICE and OSHA

June 12, 2015Southern Regional AHEC - Karen Gregory

June 14-17, 2015Virginia Funeral Directors Association Annual – Bill Fivek, attendee, Roanoke, VA

June 19, 2015 –  North Carolina Oncology Manager’s Society Meeting -  Karen Greogry present OSHA & HIPAA Compliance

September 10-12, 2015North Carolina MGMA - Fall Trade Show – Karen Gregory, attendee

September 20-22, 2015Virginia MGMA Fall Trade Show - Bill Fivek, attendee, Norfolk, VA

October 12-15, 2015National Funeral Directors Association – International Convention & Expo – Sandi Addis, attendee, Indianapolis, IN


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