OSHA and HIPAA Online Training Plus Package

OSHA eCompliance Plus Package

Meet OSHA requirements for a safe and compliant workplace with our OSHA eCompliance Plus Package. This online OSHA training course keeps you up-to-date on the latest OSHA rules and regulations, CDC recommendations, and provides guidance on the latest OSHA enforcement activity. Our OSHA eCompliance Plus Package includes:

  • OSHA online employee & officer training
  • OSHA compliance manual
  • Access to electronic forms
  • OSHA support
  • Annual fee
  • 1-50 employees

More than 50 employees call us 1-888-862-6742



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OSHA online compliance training is easy to access and convenient. Get the information you need, when you need it. Our dedicated compliance experts are available to answer all your OSHA compliance questions to keep your office compliant year round.

  • Compliance Manual Included
  • Electronis Forms Available
  • Unlimited Customer Support