Meet Our Team


 Bill Fivek TMCBill Fivek President and CEO

Bill joined the company in 2005.  Bill worked with Motorola for over 20 years in technology and customer service, prior to joining TMC.  Bill has been a technical educator for over 27 years. He has given various technical presentations to diverse audiences worldwide.

2014 Annual Meeting Deb
Debra Gordick Mediator/Government Liaison

Debra has a BS in Biology from Erskine University and 2 years of postgraduate work in Genetics Biology at the University of South Carolina. Debra is a specialist with OSHA and HIPAA issues and citations, and assists our clients with resolving their most difficult matters.

teresaTeresa Fivek Vice President

Teresa has a BA from the University of South Carolina and is a CPA. Teresa has been with TMC since 1996.

Karen GregoryKaren Gregory, RN Director of Compliance and Education

Karen has over 20 years’ of experience working in the outpatient environment, both at the front line delivering patient care and in the management arena. She is passionate about both employee and patient safety, and takes every possible opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare for all involved. Karen is currently the Director of Compliance and Education for TMC where she develops compliance materials in addition to training consultants, as well as clients. She is a frequent speaker for professional organizations and at conferences nationwide on OSHA, HIPAA and Infection Control. Karen has been selected as a Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader, is on the Editorial Review Board for the OSAP publication Infection Control in Practice and serves on the Board of Directors for OSAP.

 Nichole Pope, Director of Marketing

Nichole joined Total Medical Compliance in 2011 and is our Director of Marketing. Nichole graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science.

Jo Gervais, Business Office Manager

Before coming to work for TMC, Jo was most recently employed by a large hospital based physician group as a practice manager for a large internal medicine group for seven years.  Her experience in practice management includes a psychiatric/psychology group, a chiropractic group, and an orthopaedic group.  Before practice management, she worked for the American Academy of Physician Assitants as the CME Coordinator in Virginia while her husband was stationed in the US Army.

 dianeDiane Eaton, Client Services

Diane has a BA from George Mason University and has experience in the Washington, DC area in broadcasting and legal offices. She has enjoyed working with our clients as part of the Client Services Support Team since 2008.


handsome tannerTanner Williams, Client Services

Tanner joined Total Medical Compliance in 2016 and is part of our Client Services Team. He has an Associates Degree in Business Management.

TMC consultant BJ

 Elizabeth J. Cahill (BJ), TMC Consultant

BJ Cahill joined TMC with over twenty years of hands on experience in risk management, loss control and claims analysis in both the public and private sectors. She is a veteran of the US Air Force and although she has much experience in the Logistics and Safety fields, she’s proud to have been in the second class of women officers in the Munitions Maintenance field in the USAF. She’s travelled very extensively and has quite a few exciting experiences from her time in the military.Prior to joining TMC, BJ was the Corporate Risk Manager and Safety Director for Medical Services of America, Inc. in Columbia, SC.  MSA is one of the largest companies in the country providing home health and hospice care, as well as providing home health equipment. They have over 260 locations throughout 15 states. As a result of these experiences BJ is the ideal candidate to deliver bloodborne pathogen, hazard communication and other safety training in outpatient healthcare practices.As well as consulting for TMC, BJ is also an independent contractor, and occasionally performs loss control surveys and inspections for various insurance carriers. She currently covers the regional area of NC, SC, and northerncoastal GA. Her varied experiences in the military, insurance industry and many years as a corporate risk manager, provides a wealth of experience to the TMC clients..

beautiful Susan_Little_1

Susan Vogel Little, RN, TMC Consultant

Susan brings over thirty years of experience as a Registered Nurse to TMC. Her experience includes providing direct patient care in a hospital setting and most recently as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Director.  During her tenure in the ASC arena, Susan was responsible for providing continuing education to staff and physicians in the areas of infection control, risk management and safety issues. She understands this education is an integral part of delivering excellent patient care in a safe environment.

Annual Meeting 2015 153

Janice Boyd, MT(ASCP), TMC Consultant

Janice has extensive experience in the healthcare industry as a Medical Technologist.  She is an ideal candidate for training in BBP, Haz Com and other safety issues for medical and dental practices. Prior to joining TMC, Janice worked as a medical technologist providing her the opportunity to understand the operational issues or challenges involved in providing a safe work environment. Janice joined TMC in 2001 and is consistently involved in the delivery of over 100 employee safety trainings each year. Janice also is trained in Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations.

beautiful LindaLinda Stewart, CDA, MA, TMC Consultant

Linda has over 35 years experience in dental education. She joined TMC in 2010 after retiring from the position of Risk Manager at the University of North Carolina School Of Dentistry. Linda received her bachelor’s degree in Dental Auxiliary Education from the University of North Carolina in 1973 and completed a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina in 1986. While serving as a faculty member at the UNC School of Dentistry, Linda was active in presenting continuing education programs on the local, state and national levels.   Linda is an ideal candidate to provide employee safety training.

Pam Wilson, TMC Consultant

Pam has more than 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. Because of her work providing direct patient care and functioning as the Safety Officer in physician practices, she is the ideal candidate for delivery of employee training on bloodborne pathogens, hazard communications, and other safety issues inherent in the small physician or dental practice. Pam joined TMC in 2001 and is consistently involved in the delivery of over 100 employee safety trainings each year.  She has successfully completed the OTI511 course, Occupational and Health Standards for General Industry. Pam is also trained in Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations.

S’Elaina Wyatt-Lefevre, RDH, MBA/MSL, TMC Consultant

S’Elaina has been dedicated to her patients for over 15 years as a dental hygienist and has facilitated learning for dental offices all over NC as an imaging software instructor for Dexis. Her clinical experience has prepared her to assist practices with OSHA and HIPAA compliance. S’Elaina’s excellent presentation skills, as well as her calm demeanor are additional qualities clients will appreciate. S’Elaina has a heart for serving and has done international missions in Haiti. She enjoys time with her husband, daughter, and friends during times of leisure.

 yolanda tmc consultantYolanda Rouse, TMC Consultant

Yolanda Rouse has over 23 years of experience in dental practices delivering patient care as a certified dental assistant. Additionally, Yolanda served as the OSHA compliance officer in many of her practices affording her the opportunity to understand the regulations applying to employee safety in the healthcare environment. Through her experience working in the out-patient arena she is the ideal candidate for delivery of training on bloodborne pathogens, hazard communications, and other safety issues inherent in the small physician or dental practice.

Heidi ErdosHeidi Erdos, CDA, TMC Consultant

Heidi has over 14 years experience working in the dental field.  As a certified dental assistant Heidi has vast experience with the technical challenges and operations of the dental practice. As part of her role in various dental practices she was responsible for instrument processing, chair side delivery of care which included radiology services and for oversight of the practices’ OSHA program. Through her years of experience working with OSHA standards she developed a keen understanding of the rules and enforcement standards. Heidi has her dental assistant certification and is certified to take dental x-rays which include digital x-rays.

 beautiful-nancy-300x200Nancy Clark, RN, BSN, TMC Consultant

Nancy has 25 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse working in the hospital environment. Through her experience working in the inpatient arena and surgical environment providing direct patient care she is the ideal candidate for delivery of training on bloodborne pathogens, hazard communications, and other safety issues inherent in the small physician or dental practice. Nancy joined TMC in 2011 as a consultant. Prior to joining TMC, she worked as a Charge nurse in a surgical care unit providing her the opportunity to understand the importance of infection control and employee safety in the work environment.

 Renee Russell, RDH, BS, TMC Consultant

Renee completed the Dental Assistance Course in 1988 and earned an associate degree in dental hygiene from Florence Darlington Technical College in 1992. She graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2006. Renee is an active member of the South Carolina Dental Hygiene Association, the American Dental Hygiene Association, and The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures. Renee has been selected as a Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader. Renee was honored as South Carolina’s Dental Hygienist of the Year for 2010. Renee’s experience both as a chairside dental assistant and a hygienist helps her to fully understand the needs of dental team members in achieving HIPAA Compliance, OSHA compliance and infection control. She has served as a speaker nationwide on OSHA, Infection Control and HIPAA.


Karen Murphy TMC Consultant
Karen L. Murphy, RDH, MAOM
Karen is a graduate of Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute as an Outreach Trainer.  Karen received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from the Medical College of Georgia and has a Master degree in Organizational Management.  Karen is a committed supporter of safety in the workplace and loves to help others.
 Amy Williams TMC ConsultantAmy Williams, TMC Consultant

Amy has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry in both in-patient and out-patient settings. Her background includes Long-term Care, Emergency Medicine, Podiatric Surgery and Oncology. Just prior to joining TMC, Amy worked for a large private Oncology practice in Virginia as a Medical Office Specialist and a Medical Assistant providing provider support and direct patient care. Before her transition to Oncology, Amy was an Office Manager and Assistant for a busy Podiatric surgical practice for 8 years. Her experience as an EMT,  Fire and EMS President, CNA, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Specialist and Medical Office Manager makes her an ideal consultant as she has a thorough understanding of a healthcare practice’s needs when it comes to compliance.