TMC OSHA Compliance

At TMC, we provide the necessary training to ensure that your practice is a safe and healthy environment. We offer a variety of OSHA compliance training programs for medical and dental practices as well as businesses that serve the health care industry. Our OSHA compliance training services will help bring your office into compliance with OSHA regulations and keep you compliant year round.

It can be difficult and time consuming keeping up with annual OSHA regulation changes, which is why we provide a simple solution. We continuously update our OSHA programs to keep up with the latest changes, CDC recommendations, and guidance on current OSHA enforcement activity. For your convenience, we offer both on-site and online OSHA training programs.

OSHA eCompliance Packages

Our OSHA eCompliance packages are a convenient and easy way to ensure your team is OSHA compliant. Our online OSHA compliance training services are bundled so that you can choose the option that works best for your practice. We offer basic, plus, and pro packages which provide OSHA training, OSHA compliance manuals, and customer support for an annual fee depending on the package you choose. Read More.

OSHA Online Training Only

For those who simply want online training, our OSHA Online Training Only option is just for you. Our newly updated and interactive training module provides you with immediate access to OSHA resources whenever you need it. Read More.

On-Site OSHA Compliance Program

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On-site OSHA Employee Training

Facility Audit

OSHA Compliance Manual

Safety Officer Webinar

Manual Updates

Online Training for Employees

Labels for Secondary Containers

Spill kit

Renewal Packages

OSHA & HIPAA eCompliance Plus Program PACKAGE

eCompliance OSHA Plus Program Renewal

 For more information on our OSHA and HIPAA services, watch this short video.

We have are your one-stop shop for OSHA compliance training, support, manuals and webinar resources.