Online Training

Employee training is a component of  every HIPAA and OSHA compliance program offered by Total Medical Compliance. As a TMC client you may receive in-office training, you will have access to online employee training programs for employees and webinars are conducted to train compliance officers, office managers and others.

Additionally we offer online employee training webinars on a number of topics and training material independent of a compliance program.

You can read more about compliance and training programs available online and at your office in the TMC Store.

  • eCompliance Programs are all online employee training webinars and led by qualified HIPAA and OSHA compliance team member.
  • In-office OSHA and HIPAA compliance programs include employee training at the office and online training for new employees. Webinars are used to train newly assigned compliance officers or as refresher training.
  • Employee training programs include online training and DVDs.

Access to the online employee training programs for all clients is in the TMC Client Portal after you log in to our website.  Additionally you will be asked to register for each program to allow TMC to maintain the required record of your training attendance for your office.  Train at your convenience and return as often as necessary.


For more information contact us or call us toll free at 888-862-6742.