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Low Investment, High Return

The TMC electronic Material Safety Data Sheet Program (eMSDS) takes the work out of preparing and maintaining the OSHA required MSDS/SDS Manual for your office. Having MSDS/SDS stored electronically reduces clutter in your office and allows almost immediate access to information you may need in an emergency.  You have no restriction on suppliers you can use. Purchase products from the most convenient suppliers for you.

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TMC does all the work for you

Once you provide TMC a list of the hazardous chemicals and drugs used in your facility, an electronic manual of eMSDS will be created specific to YOUR practice. If there is any change in the product, the updated eMSDS is automatically loaded into your eManual. Add a new product in your practice? No problem, just send TMC an email and we will add the appropriate eMSDS to your manual; it’s a simple as that! We also will provide you with a chemical inventory which is required by law on an annual basis reflecting the current products in use in your practice.

As a back-up, TMC provides a CD with your chemical inventory and eMSDS for your reference viewing and printing in the event internet access is limited in some manner.  We can also prepare traditional hard copy MSDS Manuals at reasonable rates.


Ease of Access

Use high-speed Internet to access any eMSDS for your office.  We even add search synonyms so you can search by brand name – Clorox, bleach or the chemical name – sodium hypochlorite. You view or print information only as it is needed. And while we know this information may be accessed infrequently, the process is so simple employees never forget how.


Employee Training

Employee training on the TMC eMSDS Service takes only a few minutes and the satisfaction of having quick, easy access to MSDS information is priceless.


The Advisor, the TMC Compliance Newsletter is a bonus addition to help you stay current on new regulations and interpretations throughout the year. You will our Advisor each month by email as a part of your manual purchase.


Why is eMSDS the Solution for You NOW?

OSHA has updated the Hazard Communication Standard to align with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), in an international approach to hazard communication and will require chemical classification changes that include merging existing MSDS to the SDS system of hazard communication. With TMC eMSDS these updates will be made automatically for you saving you the time and energy of replacing and archiving paper documents.


GHSdvdWe also offer GHS Employee Training DVD

Train all employees’ on the updates to the Hazard Communication Standard as required by the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling (GHS). The training can be completed in less than 60 minute and is the perfect training solution for offices without high speed Internet access and training new hire employees.  NOTE: This training is also included in the TMC OSHA Training DVD  for facilities which need additional guidance on bloodborne pathogens, fire/electrical safety, and workplace violence.


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