Infection Control


Office Infection Control Program

  • Medicare is inspecting Ambulatory Surgical Centers in all states and will require documentation on infection control training and a designated coordinator.
  • NC requires every location to have a written Infection Control Program and a person who oversees processes on site that has completed a State certified program (SPICE)(0206).
  • SC requires all practices providing sedation to have an Infection Control Program and trained personnel.


The Total Medical Compliance Infection Control Office Review and Program was developed especially for medical or dental practices that want to reduce their risk for patient and employee infection.

The program includes:

  • Facility audit, employee interviews on practices, and observation of procedures.
  • Written report of the findings and recommendations.
  • Written Infection Control Plan and outline for customizing for your practice.
  • Ongoing customer support for one year.


Dental Practices

Watch this important video:  Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings – Review of the CDC Document