Dental Radiation Compliance

Dental Radiation Safety Manual for Dental Practices

DENTALCurrently available for dental practices in North Carolina. The TMC Radiation Manual for Dental Practices contains:

  • Safe Work Practices and policies as required by State Radiation Laws to provide training and instruction to healthcare workers who work with X-rays in the dental office.


  • Quality Control Program Information as recommended by industry experts and equipment manufacturers. You select those QC activities used by your practice.
  • State Regulations section that contains the regulations and any instructional information provided as guidance by your state.
  • Operating forms to assist you with daily operations. These are forms required by OSHA, for Infection Control purposes and by Radiation Regulations.
  • Information from other government agencies and industry associations for guidance on managing a complete Radiation Program. Infection Control as recommended by the CDC, recycling information and companies, lead apron disposal and more.
  • A section on equipment to be used for retaining all documentation needed by inspectors when they visit your office.
  • An OSHA training section including an outline, forms for documenting attendance and a test to verify employees are ready to safely operate the equipment you have at your office.

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The Advisor, TMC’s Compliance Newsletter is a bonus addition to help you stay current on new regulations and interpretations throughout the year. You will receive The Advisor each month by email as a part of your manual purchase.

Dental Radiation Compliance Manual Updates

Purchase the 2014 Dental Radiation Manual updates. These updates streamline the radiation manual for ease of use!

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