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Total Medical Compliance offers complimentary monthly newsletters focusing on important topics that center around you and your OSHA, HIPAA, and infection control compliance.

TMC Advisors

  • July Advisor 2017 – HIPAA Phase II On-site Audits Imminent!, In-Office Laundry Management, and Stop! And think Safety.
  • June Advisor 2017 – Keeping it Real – Sterile, Paper Records Storage the Right Way, and Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures in Healthcare.
  • May Advisor 2017 – HIPAA Breach Notification, Infection Control – No More Bugs, OSHA and Electricity, and Why Campaign.
  • April Advisor 2017 – Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 5:  Your Right to Contest OSHA’s Citations and Fines, Emergency Action Plan (EAP):  Evacuation Maps:  To Map or Not to Map?, and Investigating a Potential Breach.
  • March Advisor 2017 – Monitoring Internal Access Can Save You Huge Fines, Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 4:  After The Inspection, and Engineered Safety.
  • February Advisor 2017 – Information Security and Vendors, Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 3:  The Actual Inspection, The Importance of Safe Injection Practices, and Breach Reporting Reminder.
  • January Advisor 2017 – HIPAA and Battling Parents, Updates for OSHA Posting and HIPAA Breach Notice, Sending the Right Message:  A Safety Checklist, and Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 2:  What Are the Steps of an OSHA Inspection?
  • December Advisor 2016 – Free from Folly, Demystifying OSHA Inspections Part 1, Gone Phishin’, It’s Your Call, and Customer Feature.
  • November Advisor 2016 – Medical Records Storage, Labor Posters, and Lumps and Mumps in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  • October Advisor 2016 – Affordable Care Act:  Section 1557, New OSHA Regulations on Illness and Injuries Part II, Phase Two HIPAA Audits Enter Round Three for Business Associates, and TMC Crossword Puzzle.
  • OCR Begins Random Audits for Business Associates October 2016 – Providing an explanation of the audits and action items you can do to prepare.
  • September Advisor 2016 – New OSHA Regulations on Illness, THe Cost of Record Snooping, TMC HIPAA Covered Entity Clients Only, and Update on the Zika Virus.
  • August Advisor 2016 – TMC Annual Meeting, HIPAA Enforcement, Higher fees on OSHA infractions in August, and Back to Basics-Surface Disinfection.
  • Patient Access Special Bulletin June 2016 – Providing more details on patients’ right to access health information and the process to respond to the access request in a timely manner.

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