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TMC Advisors:


  • January Advisor 2016 – HIPAA Compliance for Covered Entities, First Annual Live Infection Control Seminars in Charlotte and Raleigh!, Safety Definitions and Principles, and The E Stands for Electronic.
  • December Advisor 2015 – Greetings From Bill, Lessons Learned 2015: The Inside Threat, Holiday Fire and Ice! Safety First, and Customer Feature.
  • November Advisor 2015 – Time to Make Doughnuts, Preventing Disease Transmission with Proper Hand Hygiene, Cyber Monday, and Officer Webinars.
  • October Advisor 2015 – Back to Basics-Surface Disinfection, Medical Identity Theft: An Insider Threat, Dental Radiation Manual Updates, Fall Webinar Series, and Recommendations from the CDC Heath Alert.
  • September Advisor 2015 – Hacking Healthcare, National Dental Infection Control Awareness Month, Sniffle, Sniffle, Cough:  Have You Received Your Flu Vaccine?, and Fall Webinar Series.
  • August Advisor 2015 – Special Edition! How To Protect yourself in a Cyber World, HIPAA Compliance in a Connected World, and Ransomware Attacks.
  • July Advisor 2015 – Protecting Workers and Communities from MERS, Risk Analysis, and Incidental Disclosure.
  • June Advisor 2015 – Cyber Hygiene, Workplace Violence Awareness, & It’s Your Call.
  • May Advisor 2015 – Don’t Forget the Paper, Manager’s Box, First Impressions Count, and It’s Your Call.
  • April Advisor 2015 – Top Health Data Breaches 2015, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and  Earthquakes, Oh My!, We Are Listening, and TMC Events.
  • March Advisor 2015 – Incident Reporting: Creating a Culture of Compliance Among Employees, A Super Bug in the News, We’re Listening, and Attending Speaker: Karen Gregory!
  • February Advisor 2015 – Breach Prevention:  Everyone’s Job, Protecting Employees During A Measles Outbreak, We Are Listening, and Compliance Tips.


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