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TMC Advisors:


  • March Advisor 2015 - Incident Reporting: Creating a Culture of Compliance Among Employees, A Super Bug in the News, We’re Listening, and Attending Speaker: Karen Gregory!
  • February Advisor 2015 – Breach Prevention:  Everyone’s Job, Protecting Employees During A Measles Outbreak, We Are Listening, and Compliance Tips.
  • January Advisor 2015 – A Complete HIPAA Compliance Program, We’re Listening, We Heard You From Word of Mouth Our Strongest Advertisement, Changes to the OSHA’s Recordkeeping Standard: How Does It Apply?, and FAQs.
  • December Advisor 2014 - Greetings From Bill, The Business Associate: A Valuable Relationship, OSHA Enforcement Activity 2014: A Recap, Prepare for the Worst, and Attention NC Dental Radiation Manual Owners!
  • November Advisor 2014 – Risk Analysis, Differences in Active and Passive Safety Sharps, Listening Campaign, and Monitoring of the Sterilization Process.
  • October Advisor 2014 - Protecting Workers and Communities from Ebola, HIPAA Privacy Rule and Same Sex Marriages, and TMC Dental Radiation Manual Updates.
  • September Advisor 2014 – NC Dental Radiation Manual Updates, Where is Your Loyalty?, Do We Really Have to Say Goodbye, and Standard Precautions in the Wake of  Emerging Diseases.
  • August Advisor 2014 – Hipaa Patient’s Access to Helath Records, Emerging Threats, Fire Safety Should Be A Choice; Not a Chance, and Training Your OSHA & HIPAA Officers.
  • July Advisor 2014 – Breach Prevention Must Be Priority, Shades of Summer, GHS Training, It’s Still Good. Right?, and TMC Dental Radiation Safety Manual.
  • June Advisor 2014 - Post Omnibus-Were You Prepared?, Slipping, Tripping and Falling into Safety Mode, Make Your Life Easier with One Click to Pay Your Invoice, and What Do You Get When You Pay for TMC Service?
  • May Advisor 2014 – Email of Protected Health Information, What is Your OSHA Attitude?, Hands on Training, and Tri-State Conference.
  • April Advisor 2014 – Keeping it Real – Sterile, TMC Events, HIPAA Privacy Rule and Sharing Information Related to Mental Health, Infection Control Update, New TMC Web Store, Personal Protective Equipment: Why Protect?, and We Love Our Customers.
  • March Advisor 2014 - Regulated Medical Infectious Waste, Did You Want Paper or Plastic?, and Microsoft XP.



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