A History of Excellence

Total Medical Compliance was started 20 years ago when Jim Chamblee had a vision to provide quality OSHA compliance support. Since then, the company has grown to include custom on-site and online programs to help practices across the country maintain compliance across a number of regulations.

While the size and scope of our company continues to grow, we remain a family-owned company. As such, we understand our success is due to you, our clients. Thank you for contributing to our history of excellence!

Company Highlights

1996:  Doors open with two employees
1997:  First three consultants are hired
2001:  Introduced HIPAA security product
2003:  TMC sends first bulletin
2004:  First Annual consultant meeting
2006:  Indian Trail, North Carolina, service center established
2008:  Online store opened
2010:  Moved into new headquarters building
2011:  Launched new totalmedicalcompliance.com
2016:  Company grows to 20 employees in 20 years

What is Next?

We take our reputation seriously and strive everyday to bring personal, innovative solutions to our clients. We do this through product development via client surveys and actively responding to areas that need improvement.  Is there something you’d like to see us offer or change? Let us know!

Why do you choose TMC?